Extreme Makeover: The Sutton Edition!

Curious about the mysterious furniture trucks that have been hanging around The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver lately? Don’t worry; we’re not moving out… we’re movin’ on up! A multi-million dollar project, months in the making, the first stage of our exceptional refurbishment project at the historic La Grande Residence Tower is now underway, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

While Sutton is renowned for our 397 luxurious hotel guestrooms and suites, we are also just as famous for our 164 fully-furnished one and two bedroom residences in the La Grande Residence Tower. These residences, located on the south west side of the building, are some of the most luxurious in the city and have undergone an incredible transformation over the past few months – all thanks in part to our talented design team. Using everything from the stylish European accents and furnishings to top-of-the-line appliances, this savvy group of individuals has created a work of art that represents the height of sleek, contemporary and elegant living.

In honour of this special occasion, we spent some time with the skilled hands behind this bold undertaking – and here is what they had to say:

Sutton: How would you describe the new style?

Design Team: The new look is a modern take on French Provincial style. We chose to incorporate tone-on-tone metallic taupe striped walls, accents of paisleys with a playful use of diamond prints, coupled with rich wood furniture accented by white Carrara marble.

Sutton: What was your inspiration?

Design Team: We stuck with the hotel’s unique and prestigious ‘Parisien’ theme, but decided to enhance the suites with a modern touch – to maintain that French feel, while also still paying close attention to the function and aesthetic of urban downtown living.  The décor of the suites starts with the iconic French diamond print that is seen in the carpet, custom furnishings and accent fabrics.

Sutton: What are some of your favourite features?

Design Team: Definitely the dining room. The combination of the Victorian crystal shaded chandelier, white Carrara marble table, and paisley printed crushed velvet dining chairs allowed us to create that Parisien concept we set out to achieve. The reflection of the chandelier on the walls and ceiling adds such impressive impact and drama to the room!

Sutton: What separates this style from the previous product?

Design Team: The new look coincides with the theme of the rest of the hotel. We set out to cater to the lifestyle of our clientele – those who most often rest their heads here – and considering that a large number of these loyal customers are in the entertainment and film industry, or are clients who have elegant/modern tastes, we felt that our modern/classic design choice was the perfect pick.

Sutton: What other projects are you working on for Sutton?

Design Team: The Edmonton property is undergoing a substantial renovation in the lobby area turning its existing courtyard into the new home for our latest CHOP Steakhouse Bar. The overall look is similar to our new take at Vancouver La Grande Residence in order to maintain a cohesive brand presence across the board. Thus, both properties have utilized many of the same materials like the marble accents and Parisien colour palettes.

Sutton: Any design tips to share with our readers?

Design Team: It’s always good to start with a neutral space or palate. Then you can play off of these neutrals with hits of colour using accent pieces (ie. artwork, pillows, etc). These colour accents will not only enhance the room’s overall look, but they can also be fun and playful – doubling as great conversation pieces that can last a lifetime.

And voila! As you can see, all of this hard work and expertise has been finely woven into every nuance of the stunning final result – something that Sutton is extremely proud to present. It’s how you say… très chic, no?

Famous or just plain fabulous, Sutton always wants to give you the star treatment… because, after all, that’s what joie de vivre is all about, isn’t it?


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