It IS Easy Being Green

With the global population booming, pollution levels rising and consumption rates ever increasing, it’s no surprise that green initiatives around the world are now in vogue. Though much more than a trend, saving our precious planet and resources will likely be a movement that sticks. 

In contrast to that famous Kermit song “It’s not Easy Being Green”, over the years our Sutton Place Hotels have found that being eco-conscious is easier than you’d think, and it all starts with the little things. 

Some of our more popular green efforts have included:

Our Earth Hour ‘Turn Off the Lights’ Initiative: The Sutton Place Hotels across the board turned off the lights in their building for one hour. Hotel guests were also invited to participate by switching off all non-essential lighting, computers, televisions and appliances during that particular hour.

Our Earth Friendly Dinner: The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver dimmed the lights in their Fleuri Restaurant and developed a power conservative, ‘Earth Friendly’ menu that cut down on the use of electricity as much as possible.

The city of Revelstoke, home to The Sutton Place Hotel Revelstoke Mountain Resort, led B.C. in rankings of power conservation during 2012’s Earth Hour.

Our involvement in the ‘Green-Key Global’ program: Both our Vancouver and Edmonton properties hold ‘4 Green-Key Eco-Ratings’ through the Green-Key Global program. Among some of the requirements for this high rating include sustainable practices in the areas of:

  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Solid waste management
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Indoor air quality
  • Community outreach
  • Building infrastructure
  • Land use
  • Environmental management


What do these sustainable practices really entail? Everything from recycling cardboard and paper to recycling organic waste and using energy efficient lights. Even better, the rating assesses more than what our hotels do themselves; it assesses how our hotels encourage guests to be eco-savvy too.  For example we encourage our guests to: reuse towels, turn off the lights, and to generally be conscious of what practices can help the world.

We are certainly proud to receive one of the highest environmental ratings around, but even more than that, we are excited about how proactive and involved our guests are. A recent survey of Expedia consumers found that 80% were aware of most hotels environmentally sustainable efforts. In addition, 4 out of ten consumers felt that green practices, such as ‘indoor air quality’ were important to their hotel choice criteria.

That means, slowly but surely, people are letting their eco-senses help them make educated decisions about what they buy or where they stay.

With that said, we think Kermit may have to rethink the lyrics to that song sometime soon. After all, he was always ahead of the times don’t you think?

For more information about Sutton’s 4 Green-Key Eco-Rating click here.

To see our full ‘Earth Friendly’ article in Vancouver’s Metro Newspaper click here.


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