Happy Canada Day Eh?

As Canadians we like to pride ourselves on being different from our southern cousins – particularly when it comes to knowledge about our own nation. So while we may laugh at people who think we live in igloos and eat poutine all day, we can’t get too haughty if we don’t know our facts and dates either.

Case and point: Do you know what the original name for Canada Day was?

If not, then you may want to read on for a little mini history lesson in honour of our great country’s upcoming holiday. Here are a few important facts to help you brush up on your Canadian IQ.

The 4-Fathers

Nope, we’re not referring to forefathers, what we’re talking about is the first four provinces (well it was three actually, but we’ll explain that later) that originally made up the ‘self-governing Dominion of Great Britain” (or as we call it today – Canada). Among the four provinces that made up this Dominion were: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec.

Technically, there were 3 original provinces, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canada – which is the area where Ontario and Quebec are now. Confusing isn’t it?

Name That Date

So if there is one date you need to remember it’s this one: July 1, 1867. On this day, Canada officially became a ‘Dominion’ of Great Britain. This grand event was called ‘the confederation of Canada’ under the British North America Act, or as we now call it, the Constitution Act.

Dominion Day? What?

On June 20, 1868, the nation’s Governor General proclaimed that Canadians should celebrate the anniversary of the confederation (and rightly so!). Thus in 1879, July 1 became a statutory holiday called… Dominion Day.

Strangely though, it wasn’t until 50 years later that people began having official celebrations. After World War II, Dominion Day was celebrated more frequently and the government became more proactive about creating public events. Of course when we celebrated our 100th anniversary in 1967, people really took notice and began thinking “Hey, why don’t we call it Canada Day?” Much to the chagrin of many traditionalists, the holiday’s name was officially changed to Canada Day in 1983, and since then it’s stuck.

But What About The Other Provinces?

The Canada that we know today certainly took a while to develop. Here is a list of when all the other provinces joined in on the fun.

*side note: when we say join, we mean previous borders and ownership rights were changed.

July 15, 1870

July 20, 1871

July 1, 1873

 June 13, 1898

September 1, 1905

March 31, 1949

April 1, 1999

Know Your Bills

Though we see them every day, it’s a rare occasion that we actually think about the faces on our multi-coloured currency. Much more than aging men and women with nice clothes, they are all prominent historical figures and you should know them by name.

$100 Dollars, Robert Borden,
Prime Minister 1911-1920

$50 Dollars, William Lyon MacKenzie King,
Prime Minister 1921-1948

$20 Dollars, Queen Elizabeth

$10, John A MacDonald, Canada’s first
Prime Minister 1851 – 1891

$5 Dollars, Wilfrid Laurier,
Prime Minister 1896-1911

And there you have it. A crash course just in time for Canada Day.  Considering our hotels are 100% Canadian owned, we think that a well-deserved Sutton Place hotel stay might be the best way to show your patriotism this holiday. So, if you’re in Edmonton, Revelstoke or Vancouver, then get you to the Sutton Place! 

What’s more? We have excellent Summer Promo Rates at all of our properties – the perfect way to kick of the festivities off in style.  Click here to find out more!


Canada Day events happening in Sutton cities:







Revelstoke: An Extreme-ly Attractive Summer Getaway

Imagine a place nestled between two vast mountain ranges, resting near the banks of a rushing river, and sitting next to the icy landscape of a glacier park, and you’ll probably envision a fabled wonderland straight out of the latest blockbuster action/adventure flick.

Though it may sound like a scene from an epic movie, this land actually exists – and it’s right in BC’s own backyard. That’s right, Revelstoke is a supernatural region on the banks of the Columbia River, surrounded by the awe-inspiring Selkirk and Monashee Mountain ranges and the Glacier National Park.

Though many regard it as a go-to destination for skiing, snowboarding, and exciting winter sports, it is also flush with endless summer attractions and activities – most of which let you experience the tremendous variety of nature in the area.

Visitors, for example, can find outdoor pursuits like golf, fishing, hiking, relaxing hot springs and spas. Yet, for those seeking an adrenaline rush, there are limitless extreme adventures in Revelstoke too.

Take, for example, an over 22 km rafting journey down the rushing Illecillewaet River. This excursion is a perfect blend of calm, scenic stretches, but it also features short stretches of class 2 to 3+ rapids – just enough to get your heart racing. You’ll get wet and have fun, all while keeping your feet and legs above the water.

You can find fun in the air as well with one of the most famous zipline parks in the world: the Sky Trek Adventure Park. Located just 15 minutes from Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Skytrek features three exciting adventure courses built for all ages and abilities. A popular pick is their High Ropes Challenge Course, where you can climb from tree to tree on ladders, scramble up nets, rush over suspended bridges or swinging logs, slide from tree to tree on skateboards and, of course, fly down ziplines at breathtaking speeds.


Nature lovers can get their thrill fill too. Considering the abundance of rugged mountain landscape, you’ll never find a shortage of wildlife in Revelstoke. Whether it’s a rambling black bear looking for some summer supper, or a giant grizzly ambling down the mountain, the animals never cease to excite. Popular parks include: Blanket Creek Provincial Park Martha Creek Provincial Park, Shelter Bay Provincial Park and perhaps the most famed of the group, Glacier National Park. With over 400 natural glaciers, ghost hotels, railways, and the famed Rogers Pass, this place is full of historic sights and sounds that attract tourists from all over the world.

Finally, if a little speed is what you need, then mountain biking is the way to go. Fast becoming the most popular sport of choice for the summer season in the city, there are a number of bike rental companies, tour companies and hotels (like ours) that rent out bikes to those seeking some two-wheel fun. Routes range from the straight and narrow (literally), to vertical challenges that tempt the best world-class bikers from all around. Our very own Revelstoke Mountain has some excellent paths too, whether you’re looking for something leisurely and fun or something intense and out of this world.

Extreme vacationing can be great, but after a long day there comes the time when you’ll want to sit back, unwind and recuperate. That’s where we come in. After all, we’re extreme too…extremely comfortable.

Click here for more information on The Sutton Place Revelstoke Mountain Resort and our great summer packages.

No Father’s Day Until 1972?

Being a good father is no easy task, hence why there is an entire day to celebrate dear old Dad.  Though in our modern times Father’s Day is widely considered to be the day where Pops gets treated to some manly man time via his lovely offspring. You might be surprised to know that the official celebration was actually the brain child of a …woman.

That’s right; this entire holiday was originally created by a lovely lady named Sonora Smart Dodd. Back in the early 1900s Sonora was impressed by Anna Jarvis’ successful campaign for an official Mother’s Day, and wanted to follow suit by creating a day to celebrate fathers.

Because her old man was a hardworking single parent who raised her and her five siblings all by himself, Dodd trooped around the United States spreading the word about a national day to commemorate the efforts of all fathers nationwide.

Though Father’s Day seems so normal now, the campaign astonishingly received a lot of criticism way back in the day – mostly from men who thought that is was piggy backing off of the much hyped and now official (1914) Mother’s Day. In addition, many felt that the holiday was just a ruse to create another money-making commercial holiday. In fact, many big-name newspapers actually featured several sarcastic cartoons about the proposed celebration.

The backlash, however, didn’t stop companies from supporting the unofficial holiday. Many of them advertised and promoted their products even joking about its contentious nature. There were also several US presidents who supported the creation of the official day, but public resistance continued all the way until the late ‘60s!

It wasn’t until 1966 that President Lyndon Johnson finally issued the first presidential proclamation honouring fathers (set for the third week of June). Even then, his proclamation wasn’t strong enough to garner an immediate response.  It took six more years, when President Nixon was in office, for the bill to receive its official status as a national holiday… and thank goodness, because it was already 1972!

Now internationally celebrated and widely accepted, this holiday, despite its prickly history, really is important because both single and married fathers everywhere put in a great amount of effort to be the best parents that they can be. That is why The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver wants to recognize these hard working individuals with a brunch especially for Dad.

Just a few of the many delectable delights featured in our special Father’s Day Brunch buffet!

Featuring everything from a fresh raw bar to delicious meats, custom-made omelettes and slow roasted Prime Rib, you can satisfy any hungry man/Dad. Plus, there’s live jazz, delicious mimosas and if he’s got a sweet tooth, endless pastries and chocolate delights for his day of manly indulgence. The icing on the cake?  All Dads at the brunch can enter to win the Ultimate Father’s Day Golf-and-Go Getaway which includes:

• Use of a 2013 Infiniti JX for a week (Monday – Friday)
• A full vehicle detailing
• Round of golf for four at Furry Creek Golf & Country Club

A peek at the nice set of wheels Dad and his pals get to use for the week!

Not too shabby for dear old Daddy, eh? Click here for more info on our special Father’s Day Brunch.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there!

It IS Easy Being Green

With the global population booming, pollution levels rising and consumption rates ever increasing, it’s no surprise that green initiatives around the world are now in vogue. Though much more than a trend, saving our precious planet and resources will likely be a movement that sticks. 

In contrast to that famous Kermit song “It’s not Easy Being Green”, over the years our Sutton Place Hotels have found that being eco-conscious is easier than you’d think, and it all starts with the little things. 

Some of our more popular green efforts have included:

Our Earth Hour ‘Turn Off the Lights’ Initiative: The Sutton Place Hotels across the board turned off the lights in their building for one hour. Hotel guests were also invited to participate by switching off all non-essential lighting, computers, televisions and appliances during that particular hour.

Our Earth Friendly Dinner: The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver dimmed the lights in their Fleuri Restaurant and developed a power conservative, ‘Earth Friendly’ menu that cut down on the use of electricity as much as possible.

The city of Revelstoke, home to The Sutton Place Hotel Revelstoke Mountain Resort, led B.C. in rankings of power conservation during 2012’s Earth Hour.

Our involvement in the ‘Green-Key Global’ program: Both our Vancouver and Edmonton properties hold ‘4 Green-Key Eco-Ratings’ through the Green-Key Global program. Among some of the requirements for this high rating include sustainable practices in the areas of:

  • Energy conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Solid waste management
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Indoor air quality
  • Community outreach
  • Building infrastructure
  • Land use
  • Environmental management


What do these sustainable practices really entail? Everything from recycling cardboard and paper to recycling organic waste and using energy efficient lights. Even better, the rating assesses more than what our hotels do themselves; it assesses how our hotels encourage guests to be eco-savvy too.  For example we encourage our guests to: reuse towels, turn off the lights, and to generally be conscious of what practices can help the world.

We are certainly proud to receive one of the highest environmental ratings around, but even more than that, we are excited about how proactive and involved our guests are. A recent survey of Expedia consumers found that 80% were aware of most hotels environmentally sustainable efforts. In addition, 4 out of ten consumers felt that green practices, such as ‘indoor air quality’ were important to their hotel choice criteria.

That means, slowly but surely, people are letting their eco-senses help them make educated decisions about what they buy or where they stay.

With that said, we think Kermit may have to rethink the lyrics to that song sometime soon. After all, he was always ahead of the times don’t you think?

For more information about Sutton’s 4 Green-Key Eco-Rating click here.

To see our full ‘Earth Friendly’ article in Vancouver’s Metro Newspaper click here.

Extreme Makeover: The Sutton Edition!

Curious about the mysterious furniture trucks that have been hanging around The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver lately? Don’t worry; we’re not moving out… we’re movin’ on up! A multi-million dollar project, months in the making, the first stage of our exceptional refurbishment project at the historic La Grande Residence Tower is now underway, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

While Sutton is renowned for our 397 luxurious hotel guestrooms and suites, we are also just as famous for our 164 fully-furnished one and two bedroom residences in the La Grande Residence Tower. These residences, located on the south west side of the building, are some of the most luxurious in the city and have undergone an incredible transformation over the past few months – all thanks in part to our talented design team. Using everything from the stylish European accents and furnishings to top-of-the-line appliances, this savvy group of individuals has created a work of art that represents the height of sleek, contemporary and elegant living.

In honour of this special occasion, we spent some time with the skilled hands behind this bold undertaking – and here is what they had to say:

Sutton: How would you describe the new style?

Design Team: The new look is a modern take on French Provincial style. We chose to incorporate tone-on-tone metallic taupe striped walls, accents of paisleys with a playful use of diamond prints, coupled with rich wood furniture accented by white Carrara marble.

Sutton: What was your inspiration?

Design Team: We stuck with the hotel’s unique and prestigious ‘Parisien’ theme, but decided to enhance the suites with a modern touch – to maintain that French feel, while also still paying close attention to the function and aesthetic of urban downtown living.  The décor of the suites starts with the iconic French diamond print that is seen in the carpet, custom furnishings and accent fabrics.

Sutton: What are some of your favourite features?

Design Team: Definitely the dining room. The combination of the Victorian crystal shaded chandelier, white Carrara marble table, and paisley printed crushed velvet dining chairs allowed us to create that Parisien concept we set out to achieve. The reflection of the chandelier on the walls and ceiling adds such impressive impact and drama to the room!

Sutton: What separates this style from the previous product?

Design Team: The new look coincides with the theme of the rest of the hotel. We set out to cater to the lifestyle of our clientele – those who most often rest their heads here – and considering that a large number of these loyal customers are in the entertainment and film industry, or are clients who have elegant/modern tastes, we felt that our modern/classic design choice was the perfect pick.

Sutton: What other projects are you working on for Sutton?

Design Team: The Edmonton property is undergoing a substantial renovation in the lobby area turning its existing courtyard into the new home for our latest CHOP Steakhouse Bar. The overall look is similar to our new take at Vancouver La Grande Residence in order to maintain a cohesive brand presence across the board. Thus, both properties have utilized many of the same materials like the marble accents and Parisien colour palettes.

Sutton: Any design tips to share with our readers?

Design Team: It’s always good to start with a neutral space or palate. Then you can play off of these neutrals with hits of colour using accent pieces (ie. artwork, pillows, etc). These colour accents will not only enhance the room’s overall look, but they can also be fun and playful – doubling as great conversation pieces that can last a lifetime.

And voila! As you can see, all of this hard work and expertise has been finely woven into every nuance of the stunning final result – something that Sutton is extremely proud to present. It’s how you say… très chic, no?

Famous or just plain fabulous, Sutton always wants to give you the star treatment… because, after all, that’s what joie de vivre is all about, isn’t it?

Beyond the Egg: Easter Traditions Around the World

What is Easter?

Since its origins, Easter has been a time of celebration and feasting, along with other traditional Easter customs such as egg decorating, Easter egg hunts, and more. However, we recently discovered there are many curious ancient and surprisingly modern Easter Traditions from around the world too! Here are some of them:

Trick-or-Treat? Easter in Sweden

When most people think of little kids dressed as goblins or witches, they immediately think of Halloween, right? Well not in Sweden! In this country it is very common to see a little girl trick-or-treating on Easter and this is because Easter usually falls very close to the Swedish tradition of ‘Walpurgis Night’ which is on April 30th. Walpurgis Night in Sweden is celebrated by lighting bonfires to chase away evil spirits and witches from the mortal world. Customary traditions also require that on the Thursday before Walpurgis, little girls paint their faces and dress up as witches, then go from house to house collecting candy.

Easter Witches in Sweden. They don't scare us!








The Famous ‘Easter Tree’ in Germany

This tradition was started by the Kraft family of Saalfeld, Germany more than forty years ago when they began placing plastic eggs in a tree outside their house. Since its inception in 1965, the tradition has grown from only a handful of plastic eggs to hundreds of beautifully painted egg shells. In addition, the family even has an official site: http://www.eierbaum-saalfeld.de/

The famous 'Easter Tree' in Germany. Puts some of our Christmas Trees to shame!

While it may look odd, the tradition is enjoyed by the whole town. Besides, who says you can’t have a Christmas tree AND an Easter tree?





  The Giant Omelette en France

The Giant Omelette in France. Don't forget your fork - and your appetite!

In Haux, France, a giant omelette is cooked in the town square by villagers on Easter Monday.  For the gigantic creation, approximately 4,500 eggs are used and apparently the feast can feed up to 1000 people – naturally, just in time for lunch. So if you happen to be visiting Haux during Easter, be sure to bring your own fork!

And speaking of giant omelettes, did you know that circa 1987, The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver (Le Meridien at that time) held the title for creating the world’s largest omelette? Oh yes folks, on that fateful day, 100 of Vancouver’s top dignitaries were invited to watch the hotel staff use a custom made stainless steel frying pan (the length of the hotel driveway no less), dozens of snow shovels (used as spatulas) and 45,000 eggs to create a fabulous egg-stravaganza fit for the Guinness Book of World Records! Sadly though, we have no pictures of this momentous event in our archives, but we’ll let your imagination do all the work…

  The Easter Bilby in Australia Mate

If you happen to be down under for Easter, don’t look too hard for the Easter bunny because you won’t find him!  Australians aren’t very fond of rabbits because those little hoppers have destroyed their crops and vegetation over the years.  The Aussies prefer the Bilby, their native marsupial, as their Easter mascot instead. So in place of Chocolate Bunnies, you can find Chocolate Bilbies – perhaps not as accepted around the world, but just as cute if you ask us!

Forget Cadbury Cream Eggs: how about a Chocolate Bilby?










The Butter Lamb in Poland

Baranek Wielkanocny is Polish for ‘butter lamb’, which is exactly what it sounds like: a lamb made entirely out of, well, butter. However, this is not just a decorative centerpiece for your Easter spread, as Polish people around the country actually consume the lamb in its entirety. Tradition states that the lamb must always be present if a priest blesses the Easter meal, and thereafter, should be consumed from the tail, leaving the head for last. Here is the recipe for those of you who are looking to kick the cholesterol up a notch this Easter: http://bit.ly/aLdJdc

The Polish 'Butter Lamb'. Looks almost too cute to eat, doesn't it?

And for the More Traditional Folk, There’s Easter – Sutton Style!

So we have shared with you some peculiar Easter events that take place around the globe, but here at Sutton, our annual Easter events are a little more on the traditional side.

Easter Sunday Brunch at The Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver - a family favourite!

For Vancouverites, they can bring their families into the Fleuri Restaurant on Easter Sunday for Sutton Vancouver’s delicious Easter Sunday Brunch – a long-standing Sutton tradition. Festive celebrators can feast on an assortment of decadent brunch items including delicious meats at our carving stations, made-to-order omelettes, Dim Sum, fresh items at our raw bar and delectable dessert displays, featuring a number of items from the world-famous Chocoholic Buffet.

If you prefer to get away for the first long weekend of the year, then Sutton’s Revelstoke Mountain Resort is serving up some last minute skiing and snowboarding before the season’s end.  In addition to that fresh spring powder, vacationers can also take part in other local Easter events, such as the Stoke to Spoke Relay Race, the Season End Kick Off Party or the Season Passholder Appreciation Day and Easter Pancake Breakfast: http://bit.ly/HmVNJB.

A weekend getaway to Revelstoke Mountain Resort anyone?

If you’re living in Alberta, then Easter is a great time to visit Vegreville, home of the ‘World’s Largest Easter Egg’. This landmark egg is only an hour and a half east of The Sutton Place Hotel, and to boot, we have some great long weekend rates ripe for the picking. Not to mention, there are tons of other fun Easter events taking place in Edmonton during the holiday, so you’ll never be at a loss for things to do.

The World's Largest Pysanka Egg (Vegreville, AB) - a must see!

Whatever your Easter plans are this year, The Sutton Place Hotel Company wishes you and your family the best for the season, whether it involves chocolate, bunnies, brunches, butter lambs, giant omelettes or anything else!

Happy Easter!